Sucks In Cash Like A Nuclear Powered Vacuum Cleaner

After 16 years in business and over $57 Million in sales, I'm damned picky about who I ask to write for me. Chris is a salesman through and through. His copy sucks in cash like a nuclear powered vacuum cleaner and he's added hundreds of thousands of dollars to my bottom line. If you get the chance, hire Chris. He's fast, ridiculously easy to work with and always delivers results.”
Jeff Paul


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From: Chris Haddad
Direct Response Copywriter and Strategic Marketing Consultant

Dear Savvy Business Owner,

On this page, you’ll learn how to use secret-selling tricks created by the “hidden giants” of the marketing world to pack your sales letters, websites, brochures, podcasts, email marketing, newsletters, videos and more with staggering, profit-producing power almost overnight.

You’ll get the kind of business you couldn’t even dream of before while earning legions of high-spending, highly-loyal customers like absolute clockwork. . . and if you’re like most business owners, drastically cutting down on the number of hours you spend grinding away your time and your life tick, tick, ticking away at the office.

Sound impossible? Not if you believe what business owners big and small worldwide are saying.


If You Want Results Call Chris Today

Chris Haddad has a take-no-prisoners style when it comes to getting results for his clients. If you want results, pick up the phone and call Chris today.”
Dr. Harlan Kilstein



Trust Him With My Business, And So Should You

Chris understands how to lead someone from new and barely curious to becoming a fully-paid, satisfied customer. His wide variety of business experiences outside of direct response marketing add substantially to his skills and value. That's why I trust him with important assignments for my own business.”
David Garfinkel
World Copywriting Institute



Chris Is My 'Go-To Guy'

Chris Haddad is talented, plain and simple. I’ve worked with many marketing experts, and Chris is as good or better than any of them. He’s become my go-to-guy, both when I need copy and when I need someone who just understands real world marketing backwards and forwards.”
Scott Bourne
President of the Bourne Media Group and CoHost of “This Week in Tech,” the most popular podcast in the world



Damn You Chris!

Damn you Chris! When I read your copy I find myself wanting to buy things that I wasn't even remotely interested in ten minutes ago. Quit writing so good before you burn a hole in my wallet.


It's no secret that I'm not exactly fond of reading. My ADHD prefers videos all day long. But when I read your copy it's quick, entertaining, and it captivates me from paragraph to paragraph. I could read it all night long.

Without a doubt, your writing has an irresistible appeal which so many copywriters lack. Brilliant stuff man, simply brilliant!

Jason Moffatt



Your salesletter pulled in $73k to a very tiny audience

Chris, a quick note: The test run of your salesletter pulled in $73k to a very tiny audience, nearly doubling the response of my previous control. I can't wait to roll it out to the main list (and I haven't even put that "secret weapon" we discussed in place yet)!

I have to tell you ... I had just about given up on finding someone who was able able work quickly (my product launches are typically 30 days from idea to first sale, waiting months for copy is not an option) AND capture my voice while still writing control-busting copy. You are "the one", my man ... an amazing copywriter who made every step of the process even easier and faster than I had hoped. Thanks a million ... and make sure you leave room on your schedule for our next project!

Michael Cage



Copy I wrote for marketing giant Jeff Paul converted at over 13% and pulled down more than $300,000.00 in just sixty minutes! Want to hear what Jeff thinks of my work? Just find his breathless testimonial on this page.

A tiny tweak I made to Shawn Casey's front end copy boosted response by over 25% and added untold thousands of ongoing additional income to his bottom line!

Joe Barton calls me "Mr. Money Fingers" and has booked as much of my time as possible as I've proved that I can double his response rate again and again and again.

David Garfinkel recently hired me for a super secret project . . . and was shocked when I pumped out copy that perfectly matched the tone, style and cash-sucking power of his own work.

Want these kind of results for your business? Keep reading or call Chris now: 206-659-7881

If you’ve ever wanted to spend your day sitting back and counting your cash while your business rockets to success before your wide and beating eyes (and while leaving every customer you deal with feeling like they got God’s own customer service) then this just might be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s the skinny. If you’re like most business owners, you have a love/hate relationship with sales and marketing.

Some days you’ve got customers pounding down your door, and catch yourself flirting with the big profits and sense of independence that drove you to strike out on your own in the first place.

But the very next afternoon it all goes to hell. You sit there counting the bumps in the ceiling, begging the phone to ring, just one emotional hair-trigger from tossing that taunting computer with its plummeting bank balance out the window and walking back sheepish to the deadening world of the standardly employed.

It’s enough to drive you nuts. It’s like there’s no consistency to those high fallutin’ Madison Avenue marketing techniques at all. No way of telling what each new week will bring even after years in business. And I bet it’s not like you haven’t tried either.

Maybe you’ve spent thousands listening as sniveling ad salesmen and self-proclaimed “marketing gurus” pump out the drivel, laying on the snakey prose and trying to convince you to empty your wallet into their sweaty wide-spread palms so they can help you “Get your name out there” and “build your brand.”

Yeah, right. Pull the other one.


sopanCopy Like Sugar Coated Candy

“Chris Haddad is simply a genius copywriter. After 15 minutes of conversation Chris came up with a magnetic phrase for my business. Then he developed an amazing sales page overflowing with sticky copy that my visitors eat up like sugar coated candy.”

-Sopan Greene


ericHe's Who I Turn To And You Should Too

“Chris Haddad is one of the most natural copywriters I've ever had the privilege of knowing.

This guys cranks out more high converting, excitement-generating copy than
anyone else in the business, and he does it faster too!

If you're looking to rapidly grow your profits with copy that converts from the start look no further than Chris... Despite his premature baldness he's a great guy and extremely talented
(especially at his surprisingly low rates!).

He is who I turn to, and you should too.... But make sure you give him a hard time ;-)"

-Eric Farewell
Internet Marketing Guru Advisor & Launch Manager


“I always knew I was doing something wrong, I just couldn't quite figure out what. After 30 minutes on the phone with Chris, I was able to see my customer more clearly and determine a focus for my marketing. Thanks for your enthusiasm, encouragement and great ideas, Chris!”

-Cheri Krueger

Fortunately, You’re Smart Enough to Carve Through The Bull and Go After What You Really Want—What You Really Need—SALES

Eek! I know. “Sell” is a four letter word—a word that makes those ad agency whack jobs and newspaper and TV ad salesmen break into cold sweats every time they hear it.

Why? Because they know that in 2006 that old-timey interruption advertising is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

And I’ll bet that’s why you’re here. That’s why you’re on this page. You’re looking for hard-nosed and effective sales and marketing secrets that can beat back all the years of bad advice and half-assed marketing, and almost instantly change your business and your life forever. Secrets and techniques that could:

  • Infuse your marketing and sales techniques with so much gut-busting power that you consistently earn 50 percent more customers than ever before. (You’ll have so many eager folks beating down your door, you might just have to take your name out of the phone book.)
  • Drastically increase your ability to close sales, keeping the old “lookee-loos” and tire kickers out of your business and out of your hair so you can focus all your time and energy on the folks who are seriously in need of your products and services. (Just imagine every call or email you get coming from a qualified lead who’s actually serious about buying what you’ve got and who won’t even blink an eye when you quote your prices.)

Plus – incredibly...

You’ll Discover That You Can Make Buckets More Money and Create Happier Customers by Working Shorter Hours, Spending Less to Promote Your Business and Keeping More of Your Precious Energy for the Things That Really Matter in Life.

I’m Chris Haddad, your answer to creating strong, powerful and profitable marketing campaigns. My clients pay me big gobs of money to write sales letters, lead generators, information products, special reports, autoresponders, email messages, newsletters, video and audio scripts and anything else they can think of where you need to sell stuff with words– and to give them the strategic advice and insight they need to automatically put all these power-packed materials into action while they focus on the important stuff– running their businesses, spending time with their families and making piles of cash.

You see, I’ve worked in sales, marketing and (yup, I shudder to say it) advertising, all my life.

  • When I was a kid, I spent my vacations perched on my sales-master of a father’s knee as he and the other “hidden giants” of the marketing world sunk deal after awe-inspiring deal.
  • My first ever paying job was hawking powdered milk on a supermarket sales floor— and moving so many units my goofy-grinned manager had to send me home early for lack of stock.
  • In college I sat in advertising 101 with a big bold question mark on my face, wondering how the heck these jokers expected to make any money when they were more concerned with “creativity” and how many “eyeballs” saw their striking pieces of “commercial art” than with how many (if any) people actually bought what they were supposedly selling.
  • While working down in Hollywood I embarrassed my boss (a guy making five times my salary) by closing deal after deal with almost no effort at all while he ran up the expense account, charged the company for lunches at the Ivy and got laid off while I got moved up to the home office.

And then one day something in my head snapped. It was like the floodgates opened in my brain and suddenly all the lessons I’d learned over the years—lessons I’d soaked up sitting at the knees of marketing greats like Dan Kennedy, David Garfinkle, Jay Abraham, Bob Bly, Michael Masterson, David Ogilvy, Seth Godin, Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Harlan Kilstein and more—crystalized in my brain and I discovered...

The Startling Secret of The One-Way
“Spikes of Doom”

And once I put this technique into play, I became absolutely fearless about going up against any self-proclaimed marketing guru or overeducated business wonk and sending them scurrying for the ivy hills as I helped clients— clients just like you— sell, sell, sell. It’s like I was a superhero. It’s like I had magic powers.

But it’s not magic at all. It’s a tried, true and utterly irresistible sales technique designed to guide customers down a path where buying from you is the ONLY option that makes sense.

Here’s how it works. A couple years ago I was at the airport returning a rental car when suddenly I heard a loud...

...I looked over and saw an overloaded min-van with two flat tires, a gaggle of screaming kids and a woman up front with all the blood and gumption just drained right out of her face.

You see, when that woman tried to back her way out of the car rental parking lot, nasty, spring loaded spikes— spikes that let you drive in, but keep you from going out— just ripped her tires to absolute shreds. And I could see just looking at that woman that she would give anything to take back those last few minutes, bow her head and drive on through to whatever the rental place had in store for her.

And sitting there, watching her madly dial her cell phone, a big wide smile just crawled across my face.

When I got home that night I got to work. I locked myself in my office and over the next few weeks I studied and restudied the potent methods of the hidden giants of the marketing world; I dug through books by the marketing greats; analyzed some of the most effective marketing copy ever written and typed my fingers down to the bone training myself to create...


Chris Haddad's Clients Include:

Jeff Walker
Michael Cage
Washington Mutual
Tajima Creative
David Murphy's Credit Insider Club
Florida Mortgage Insider
The Versatile Company
Podango Productions
Direct Response Group
Barton Publishing
The Kronen Group
Integra Real Estate
Design Duo
Barry Rhein & Associates
Robert G. Smith
Online Innovations Inc.
Eng3 Corporation
Extra Mile Marketing
CPA Partner
Advanced Method
Jeff Paul
Jim Fleck
Shawn Casey
David Garfinkel
Mike Staff Productions
Sopan Greene's Invisible Opportunity
Instant Profits Inc.
Smashing Darling
Vin DiCarlo

And many more.

Sales and Marketing Copy So Utterly Emotionally Compelling That Your Customers Can’t Help But Keep On Reading And Keep On Buying

Why? Because they know that if they stop— or worse yet, if they try to go back— they’re going to end up just like that poor woman at the airport, wishing more than anything that she she’d just kept her foot on the gas.

The One-Way Spikes technique is so simple but so staggeringly effective that it can be used as a predictable automatic weapon to dramatically increase your sales, earn the awe and respect of your customers and...

Give You Complete—Some Would Say Unfair—Domination Over Your Competition

Am I going to give you the secret right here and now? Nope. This technique is so powerful— and so profitable— that I’ve sworn I’ll never release it publicly. You won’t find step by step details on this site, you won’t find my esteemed colleagues blathering on about it on the forums and you won’t truly understand how potent this technique is until hordes of customers come banging on your door just about desperate to hand over their cash and buy from you again and again and again.

But I will tell you this: The One-Way Spikes Technique is like emotional steroids. It forges an intimate bond with your prospect and leads them down a path of ever-increasing emotional pressure until they have to buy from you just to get relief.

Sneaky? Maybe. Powerful? Yup. Effective? Hell, yes.

Anyway, there’s a very good reason I’m telling you this—and why you’re still reading through this letter. You see, for years the secrets of the hidden giants of the marketing world have been available to only a select few hand-picked clients. And they were never cheap, requiring you to shell out for full-time commission salespeople charging hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in salary, bonuses and benefits. And that’s if you could even find someone who had the charm, the gusto and hard-earned ability to sell like the hidden giants. These hard-to-find tools are perhaps.

The Most Powerful Marketing
Weapon Available Today

I’ve distilled all the power of the One-Way Spikes of Doom technique into a automatic marketing system that costs not even a fraction of a full-time salesperson and with results that would leave even the hardest-working pro gasping in the dust.

I’ve turned art into science so that I personally will never have to work for anyone ever again. I can make a better living partnering with the right entrepreneurs to turbocharge their businesses than I ever could collecting a salary from some stifling corporation.

So here’s the deal. I’ve got job offers coming in on a regular basis, with big companies begging me to show them the ropes. But I’m a entrepreneur at heart, and I’d rather work with the little guy— if I can find clients worthy of the time.

If You’re Reading This Message Right Now,
Then the Cards Are On The Table

It’s an exciting time to be running a business, and this is an opportunity that I want to make as simple as possible. If you’re ready to send your sales through the stratosphere using simple, automatic techniques pioneered by the hidden giants of the marketing world, then we should work together. If you’d rather cling to ineffective and idiotically weak marketing, you should stop reading right now.

Work with me and you’ll learn:


"Free Video Triples Your Writing Speed And Lets You Pump Out High-Converting, Eyeball Grabbing Copy FAST (even if you're 'not a writer,' HATE writing and have never written a sales letter, email or video before in your life."

Simply enter your valid email address in the form below and you'll learn . . .

  • Sneaky Secrets To Banish The Blank Page Blues FAST . . . and how to "brain dump" hooks, bullets and cash-pulling copy ideas out onto the page without even touching your keyboard.
  • My patented "If/Then/WHY" technique for coming up with a hot and solid "hook" FAST . . . (no more sweating and swearing at the computer screen. Play this little "game" and you'll have the "big idea" of your sales letter, sales video or email in SECONDS.)
  • Why writing your headline first is the WORST thing you can do . . . and the one part of your sales message you should ALWAYS come up with FIRST to pump out your sales letter or sales video in just a couple short hours (instead of a days or WEEKS like everybody else has to do.)
  • BIG PROMISE TO YOU: Watch this video and you'll NEVER look at "writing" with the same level of fear, awe or dread again. Ask any top copywriter and they'll tell you that good copy is FAST COPY . . . Simply enter your email address and I'll get you up to "Speed" right away.
    And don't worry. I hate spam as much as you do and defend the relationship I have with my readers above all else.. I'll never sell, rent or trade your email address. You can trust me on that.

PLUS: By signing on as a client...

You’ll Get Access to the Bat Phone

...My own mother doesn’t even have this number. It’s my private, secret phone line—the one I’ll answer even if I’m flat on my back after being hit by a truck, and you’ll get access to it for as long as we work together.

I’ve gotten great results for everyone from solo entrepreneurs to corporate monoliths and have used my tried and true techniques to sell everything from real estate, to medical services, to high-tech doodads, to insurance, to . . .well you get the idea.

Can my writing and strategic marketing techniques really make the difference for your business? You bet they can. Just listen to what these experienced business people have to say:


quotedarcyCut To The Heart Of What I'm Trying To Sell

Chris is head and shoulders above your run of the mill copywriters. He did a phenomenal amount of research, got to know my business almost better than I do and came up with copy that really cut to the heart of what I’m trying to sell. He’s got a great marketing sense and the insights he brings to a project make all the difference in the world.”
Darcy Howard, Lifestyled

quotedanOur Secret Weapon

Without Chris, Biznik wouldn’t be 1/10th the company or the organization it is today. He’s our secret weapon. We’d be totally lost without his Haddaditude.”
Dan McComb, Co-Founder, Biznik, a Business Networking Group That Doesn’t Suck

quotekristenChris Is A Pro

Chris is a pro... I’m greatly looking forward to our next project together.”
Kristen Marie Shuerlein, Design Duo


quoteIf You Get The Chance To Work With Chris, Take It

Chris is just great to work with . Is he an expert when it comes to words? Yea. But what really sets him apart is his ability to come up with strategies and concepts that aren't just creative, they're effective. If you get a chance to work with Chris, take it."
Andy Arkely, Creative Director, Widemile

quoteThis Is #$%&ing Great!

Damn, Chris. . . this is #$%&ing great! You definitely got what I am talking about."
Rick Rutherford, CPA Partner

quotemarkThanks To Chris, I let My Marketing Work For Me

Working with Chris Haddad was a smooth and seamless process. He took my idea and story and turned it into a powerful marketing tool that literally brought myself and many others to tears. Thanks to Chris, I no longer work for my marketing. I let my marketing work for me."
Mark Tillman, Integra Real Estate and Mortgage


Chris Haddad is simply an awesome copywriter to work with. He's fast, knows how to hit just the right points and has an amazing ability to think on his feet and come up with stuff that I simply never would have thought of."
Barry Rhein, Barry Rhein & Associates

quotejoeTreats My Business As If It Were His Own, With Maximum Profits In Mind

Chris Haddad has risen above all other copywriters I've ever hired in the past due to two factors: 1) his copy sizzles and sells, and 2) he goes the extra mile after delivery to maximize my conversion rates. His writing shakes you up and hooks you right from the start. His continued support seals the deal. Other copywriters usually just collect their check and move on to the next project. Not Chris. He treats my business as if it were his own, with maximum profits in mind.”
Joe Barton, Barton Publishing

quotevivianI Wanted To Sign Up For My Own Service

Chris took an angle, so powerful yet so simple, that I found myself enthralled and wanting to sign up for my own service. When you work with/hire Chris, you get more than a copywriter—you get a first-class marketing mind on your side.”
Vivian Block, Hollywood Florida


Do these folks remind you of anyone? Could they be you? They represent business owners and entrepreneurs. People with a burning passion to make their own way in this world and to make buck doing it, just like you.

You Can Have The Business And The Success
You’ve Always Dreamed Of

The only thing you have to do to take that next step to success is ditch your doubts, give me a call and ask to get me on your team.


"Free Video Triples Your Writing Speed And Lets You Pump Out High-Converting, Eyeball Grabbing Copy FAST (even if you're 'not a writer,' HATE writing and have never written a sales letter, email or video before in your life."

Simply enter your valid email address in the form below and you'll learn . . .

  • Sneaky Secrets To Banish The Blank Page Blues FAST . . . and how to "brain dump" hooks, bullets and cash-pulling copy ideas out onto the page without even touching your keyboard.
  • My patented "If/Then/WHY" technique for coming up with a hot and solid "hook" FAST . . . (no more sweating and swearing at the computer screen. Play this little "game" and you'll have the "big idea" of your sales letter, sales video or email in SECONDS.)
  • Why writing your headline first is the WORST thing you can do . . . and the one part of your sales message you should ALWAYS come up with FIRST to pump out your sales letter or sales video in just a couple short hours (instead of a days or WEEKS like everybody else has to do.)
  • BIG PROMISE TO YOU: Watch this video and you'll NEVER look at "writing" with the same level of fear, awe or dread again. Ask any top copywriter and they'll tell you that good copy is FAST COPY . . . Simply enter your email address and I'll get you up to "Speed" right away.
    And don't worry. I hate spam as much as you do and defend the relationship I have with my readers above all else.. I'll never sell, rent or trade your email address. You can trust me on that.




What kind of work can I do for you?

  1. Direct Mail You’ll be astounded at the power of the “ugly letter” and its tried and tested ability to get customers clawing through your door, ready to pour every last red cent into your waiting coffers.
  2. Web Site Sales Letters (You’re reading one now). I’ll show you how to rise above the clamor of pretty (and pathetically ineffective) web pages to create a website that drives honest-to-god sales even while you’re whiling away the afternoon curled up under your desk for a siesta.
  3. Autoresponders The super-simple (and often ignored) secret weapon of the real masters of internet marketing. Most web entrepreneurs are happy if 1 to 3 percent of people coming to their site buy something. I’ll show you how to run down and nab the 97% who get away.
  4. Lead Generation Get your sales team hot on the trail of primed and ready prospects. Once we get our lead generation strategy in place, you’re salesmen will almost be embarrassed at how easy it is to close the deal.
  5. Email Marketing What’s the difference between email and spam? Simple. Never talk to strangers. I’ll show you how to create, feed and water an email list that’ll pay you out for years to come. It’s your own personal ATM right there on your computer.
  6. Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads Google Adwords is literally the most efficient marketing machine ever created by man— if you use it right. I’ll build you a campaign using the latest strategies and tactics that will have customers coming to you in droves and at Pay Per Click rates a hell of a lot lower than you’d expect. Think you already know Adwords? Give me half hour of your time and I’ll show you the powerful difference between a campaign you built yourself and one put together by a pro.
  7. Podcasts I’ve got access to the best and brightest creators of podcasts in the world, and can show you how to turn this revolutionary new medium into an absolute cash cow.(Hint, this has nothing to do with putting up an “entertaining” show and hoping someone will want to buy ads.)
  8. Newspaper and Magazine Ads Am I suggesting you waste cash on ineffective full page spreads that leave you destitute and desperate wondering how you ever went wrong? Uh uh. But with a few sneaky secrets (they drive publishers nuts) we’ll use the “cheap seats” in a few well chosen publications to give you a stream of customers you can sell to again and again.
  9. Press Releases that have bloggers and journalists promoting your product despite themselves, and without even knowing that they’re playing right into your hands.
  10. Video Scripts and Audio Scripts There’s simply nothing as powerful as the human voice when it comes to actually selling what you’ve got to offer. I’ll use the same techniques that have made me the “go-to-guy” for Microsoft’s online videos to create scripts your customers just can’t resist. (And thanks to my connections in the theatre and film world of Seattle I can get your video professionally produced at just a fraction the cost the big boys charge.)
  11. Strategy, strategy, strategy You can walk onto the marketing battlefield with the best weapons in the world strapped to your hips, but if you don’t have a plan – if you don’t have a solid, proven strategy – you’ll end up with your back in the mud wondering what the hell happened. Unlike a lot of other workaday word warriors, I get marketing and I’ll put my experience and expertise to work making sure you get a marketing plan that works.

If you can lay your doubts aside, you’ll see for yourself what it’s like to earn staggering (almost embarrassing) profits and eager, rabid, loyal customers who can’t help but gush about your business to all their jealous friends.

Better Yet, You’ll Get Success The Easy Way, With
Powerful Copywriting and Automated Marketing That Takes
Just a Fraction of the Time You Used to Waste Chasing Leads
and Begging Customers to Come and Give You A Try

Listen: Marketing weasels all over the world are going to be furious with me for letting you in on the secrets the hidden giants of the marketing world have been using for years. Especially since you won’t be shelling out gobs of cash on ineffective ad buys, TV spots, billboards and banner ads.

But that’s just too bad. The weasels have been ruling the world for way too long. Oh, sure, maybe someday everybody will see the light and actually start marketing their business instead of just throwing their money away. But now? No way. Most folks have invested too much time and money in ass-backwards methods that are keeping them chained up outside the poor house.

So, here’s the deal: Fill out the form below. I only work with a few select businesses every month and I’m usually booked out weeks or even months in advance, but if you’re serious about putting into effect a tested and proven automatic marketing system that will have you selling more, working less and living the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of ever since you put on a cap and started calling yourself an entrepreneur, then we should talk.

Or if you just can’t wait to zoom rockets to your back and zoom by the wannabes, then call my office right now:

(206) 550-5558

Am I cheap? No. Do my prices sometimes make potential customers’ jaws drop to the floor? Sure. Do customers come back to me again and again, ready to pay my asking price (and more) for the results I bring? (Results all those ad monkeys and marketing weasels couldn’t get for ten times the price). You bet your bottom dollar.

You know what, to make this decision an absolute no-brainer I’m just going to come out and bribe you. Fill out the form below or call me and I’ll give you a half-hour phone consultation absolutely free. I never charge by the hour (it’s a mug’s game and bad for everybody) but let me tell you, there’s nothing I value more than my time. And in those 30 tightly-packed minutes you might just learn enough to turn your whole business on its ear.

Why am I willing to give you free access to my big, bulging marketing brain?

Easy. So far, every single person I’ve given a half-hour consultation to has wanted to move forward and work with me to revolutionize the way they market their products and services. Every. Single. One.

So I’m damned confident that you’ll want to too. Think about it: kicking back in your office chair (one of those comfy ergonomic ones from Sweden), hands behind your head, smiling like a Cheshire cat as your business builds with just about no effort on your part at all . . . that would be worth something, wouldn’t it?

Hell yes, it would. And you have nothing to lose by filling out the form below or calling now. When I teach packed rooms of hungry marketers and business people I always say...

“Marketing is the Art of Making
a Promise and Keeping It”

...and I stake my life and my whole career on only ever making promises that I know I can keep. More importantly, I’m an entrepreneur and a business owner, just like you. I know that’s it hard to find someone you can trust— someone who legitimately cares about your business. I’ve gotten served piles of manure from so-called “experts” before and I want you to spend your marketing dollars where they can actually do you good. That’s why I’m willing to give you my time.

But just one thing:

Don’t Call Me, Don’t Email Me and Don’t Spend
Even One More Minute on this Site If:

  1. You’re looking to spam unsuspecting (and unwilling) prospects into foggy-eyed submission.
  2. You’re selling illegal, unethical or misrepresented products or services.
  3. You want Olympic-level results at Little-League Prices.
  4. You care more about pretty pictures and flashy web pages than actually selling the products, services and information you’ve built your whole business on.
  5. You’re too addicted to mediocrity to take the plunge and go after the success you and your business deserve.chris3

But if you’re serious about launching your business to success--honest, simple and easy- well, what the heck are you waiting for? Check out my samples, dig around in my newsletter and blog and then take a deep breath, smile and Call Now. 206-550-5558.

Both your brain and your bank account will be happy that you did.

Your Very Own Word Mercenary and Strategic Marketing Partner,

Chris Haddad

Call now, before you even finish reading this. My schedule gets overloaded quick these days (I think I had a vacation once back in 2006). If you’re serious about your business— if you’re serious about getting out from under the plague of mediocrity and actually want to do what it takes to make your business succeed— I want to make sure I’m able to help you. Don’t hesitate and be forced to wait weeks or even months until my schedule opens up. Call now: 206-550-5558.

P.P.S. Nothing pisses me off more than so-called “marketing experts” who justify their bloated paychecks by trying to fix what isn’t really broke. So how about this: send me your sales copy for a critique. If it just needs a little tweak, a little reordering or a minor massage to kick-up the response, I’ll tell you what you need to change absolutely free. I might not make a dime off you, but I’ll keep you from feeding those damned weasels who wouldn’t know good marketing if it bit them in the ass. And if that’s not worth a few minutes of my time, I don’t know what is.

P.P.P.S. Here’s a little secret that’s going to help you outrun the pack and bound to business success (what’s that old joke? “I don’t need to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you?”) : The reason folks keep coming back to me for marketing strategy and copy (and getting one without the other will do you no good at all) is because I don’t cost them a damn thing. Clients who work with me make sales and profits that put my fees to piddling shame. Call now. Take the plunge. The only thing keeping you from the success you’ve been craving is your own hesitation and fear. 206-550-5558.


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